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Improve Your Client Relations With This Thoughtful Gesture…

Have you ever tried to give the right client gift, but fall short?

Do you struggle with creating packages that are meaningful and beautiful?

Maybe you just hate the gift giving process all together…

I have the perfect solution for you.


Executive Gift Concierge Services!

In the realm of business, it is easy to neglect the interpersonal elements which result in businesses come off as uncaring or disconnected. Giving your clients and/or associates a gift reminds them that you value them as people rather than transactions. The cornerstone of business is relationships, and the cornerstone of relationships is genuine connections. I will help you nurture your relationships by adding the finishing touch to your brand as a company that cares. Gifting is a fine art and an invaluable tool for building your business. From the very beginning, during the onboarding process, to the end of the business relationship. Let Ceh Flora nurture your business relationships with exceptional, thoughtful client gifts.


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How rude of me, I didn’t introduce myself! My name is Paula, your personal gift concierge! My professional title “The Gift Concierge” was inspired by my approach to business as a concierge and social worker, my former professions. During my time in social work, I learned how to serve people. To put aside my own perspective and really listen. I  intently seek out your brand personality and the personality of the person receiving the gift. I strive to serve by providing a service that attains positive results and evoke emotions… To get to know me better, please visit meet the gift concierge

Who is this service perfect for?

Businesses who want to build and nurture deeper relationships with clients

Businesses who are ready to invest in client relations and take their business up a notch

Businesses who love the idea of giving gifts, but are awful at it

Individuals who want to build and nurture deeper relationships with clients

Businesses that have grown too large to manage client gifts on their own

Established fully scaled businesses that are ready to begin giving gifts

Businesses that have grown too large to manage client gifts on their own ….

If you identified with any of these statements, apply now for this VIP service and start giving your clients elegant signature gifts.

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